Iowa Border

Another French Border, dating before 1860, but don’t let the date stop you from using it in any age house.
A wide border that is 15 ¼” and the bottom could be cut off to make an 11” border.
An interesting depiction of an animals’ head. It looks like a cow, a ram maybe even the nose of a pig? A great border with a rural feel for a dining room, hallway, entry/reception room.
8 colors printed on a cream colored paper.
Shipping is $15 for 1st roll and $8 for each additional roll.
Shipping is $15 for 1st 7 yards and $8 for each additional 7 yards.
Strike-off is $40/per ink color
Width:15 1/4"
402108 colors printed on a cream colored paper
$70 /yd