bassett & vollum

our story

Founded in 1936 by Emile Bassett and George Vollum, Bassett & Vollum, a Chicago company was on the cutting edge of design post WWII.

In 1938, adding a third partner, George Funke, Bassett & Vollum expanded the patterns with a trip to France in 1939 to purchase hand blocked wallpaper designs. Also Mr. Funke enlarged the wallpaper inventory with patterns from national and international designers. He purchased the company from Mr. Bassett and Mr. Vollum shortly after WWII, Mr. Funke moved the company to Galena, Illinois in 1963.

Now located in Davenport, IA. Our list of clients includes major museums, historic houses and many private residences.

We may be one of the few remaining wallpaper companies that everything is completely done by hand. That includes artwork, cutting stencil film, making frames, stretching fabric and printing.

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