Bead Molding

Bead Molding give a nice finish as a small border around window, doors, chair rails, etc. This border was used in the Elihu Washburne House, a State of Illinois Historic Site in Galena, IL.
We offer it is three metallic colors printed on white paper Again, this could be a border easily custom colored to your needs. Like the Greek Key and Anthemion borders, this is sold by the visual yard.
3 colorsĀ  and gang printed 5-up.
Shipping $10.00 for the first roll of wallpaper, then $5.00 for each additional roll.
$10.00 for the first 7 yards of border and $5.00 for each additional 7 yards of border.
Width:1 7/8"
Price Code: D
105903 metallic golds on white
$22 /yd