Sunburst was introduced by Bassett & Vollum in the 1940’s pattern books, and remained popular into the 1960’s. Although we have it listed in the 1940 to 1965 section, it could easily be in the 1800 to 1860 section.
A French pattern from the 1840’s that artists in the graphics department at Bassett and Vollum updated for the the pattern books a hundred years later.
We have it offered in gray, black and metallic silver inks on white paper.
Shipping $10.00 for the first roll of wallpaper, then $5.00 for each additional roll.
$10.00 for the first 7 yards of border and $5.00 for each additional 7 yards of border.
Width:20 1/4"
Price Code: E
181212black, gray and metallic silver on white paper
$75 /roll
One roll is 7 yards in length