Still Life by Edgar Miller

A wallpaper that was designed using fruit bowls as the object of the artwork. At some point in time, the original artwork was cut apart and repositioned so that they could become frameable.
7 colors and each image is approximately 19”x18”
Bassett and Vollum has agreed to use this pattern as a fund raiser for the Edgar Miller Legacy. You must purchase this from that organization.
Shipping is $15 for 1st roll and $8 for each additional roll.
Shipping is $15 for 1st 7 yards and $8 for each additional 7 yards.
Strike-off is $40/per ink color
For more information please contact the Edgar Miller Legacy. 1366 N. Sedgwick St. Chicago, Illinois 60610
402077 colors and each image is approximately
$To the trade /roll
One roll is 7 yards in length