Greek Key

This is truly a timeless border.  Ancient Greeks used this motif in decorating their buildings. Over and over through time,  this pattern shows up.  Even found in present day interior design.
We offer it in a French Bright Gold on white paper or black ink in white paper. But, if there ever was  a border that has been custom colored,  this is the one.
3 1/2″ wide  with a repeat of 3 3/4″  one color and gang printed  4-up.  Sold by the visual yard, that is if you need 4 yards of this border, you will receive 1 yard of paper with 4 images printed to give you the 4 yards that you need.
Shipping is $15 for 1st roll and $8 for each additional roll.
Shipping is $15 for 1st 7 yards and $8 for each additional 7 yards.
Strike-off is $40/per ink color
Width:3 1/2"
Repeat:3 3/4"
10022Black ink on white
10023Metallic gold on white
$28 /yd