Bermuda by Scott Wilson (pattern number 13021)
From the Bassett and Vollum pattern books just pre WWII up to 1950. This is truly a knockout pattern, fern foliage with colorful lily type flowers. This would truly make an impressive feature wall.
8 colors (one is metallic silver) on cream paper.
Pattern width 19 ¼ “ The pattern repeats every 25 ½” with a 13” drop repeat.
Shipping $10.00 for the first roll of wallpaper, then $5.00 for each additional roll.
$10.00 for the first 7 yards of border and $5.00 for each additional 7 yards of border.
Width:19 1/4"
Repeat:25 1/2"
Price Code: L
402118 colors (one is metallic silver) on cream paper
$110 /roll
One roll is 7 yards in length