This is a list of designers whose patterns you will find in the Bassett and Vollum catalogue. Many of the persons on this list were independent designers who sold their patterns to Bassett and Vollum. As we delve into the archives and re-introduce patterns, names will be added to this list.

Dorothy Allen – designed the pattern “Ross House Damask.”Ivan Bartlett – a painter, lithographer and designer of textiles, especially for kitchen and dining room usage. We have his border “Drapery Frieze.”

Eloi Bordelon – from Marksville, LA., Mr. Bordelon resided in NYC and was internationally known as a designer and trompe l’oeil painter. A collection of his works is at Tulane University.

Kenneth Brozen – best known for designing kitchen wares using Lucite and Plexiglas. Look for his design “Crewel Work” to be released in the future.

Edgar Miller – from Chicago, Miller was one of the nation’s foremost stained glass designers.  He also sculpted, carved and created artwork and designs. In the 1940’s he designed 10 patterns for Bassett & Vollum, entitled “The Tower Court Collection.”Marion Dorn – an internationally known textile designer.  She designed the pattern “Zodiac.”Henry G. Jakobe, Sr. – an artist on staff at Bassett and Vollum,  who also designed several patterns.Ardith Lauerman – a graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, Bassett and Vollum has several nice patterns designed by her,  especially “Toy Soldier and Drum Border.”

John Loges – very limited information, but he did design the ever popular “Sunburst” based on an old French design.  We also have several other patterns by him.

Ramon McLaughlin – no information to be found.  He designed a very interesting pattern “Balustrades.”

Duane Timm – present owner of Bassett and Vollum.  Mr. Timm is a graduate of Iowa State University.  Sunflowers for Jeannie plus other patterns to be featured.Janice Hart White – well known artist and craftswoman who lived her life in Denver, CO.

We have patterns, usually just one each, that were designed, but no information on that particular designer. Jean Hogue, Jon Raedeker, Piercy and Scott Wilson are examples of designers with no information.

They may have been Chicago artists or from elsewhere that sold a pattern to Bassett & Vollum. Perhaps they worked in the graphic department at Bassett & Vollum? We hope someday to find out more about these designers.